Wash Card System

How the WASH CARD System works:

To obtain a WASH CARD follow these easy steps:

  1. Push the Button on the touch screen which reads “Touch Button to get a new Wash Card”.
  2. Insert a $1.00 dollar bill into the money slot. A Wash Card is then dispensed to you.

Next ADD VALUE to the new Wash Card you received by following these steps:

  1. Insert the Wash Card – Arrow first into the Touch screen.
  2. Add any CASH AMOUNT of $1, $5, $10 or $20 into the bill slot. This value is transferred onto your Wash Card.
  3. To check the value on your Wash Card at any time insert the card into the touch screen. The screen will display the current value on your card.


Bonus: If you using the touch screen to add $20 CASH onto your Wash Card
You Receive $21 worth of value.
ATM machine Not Available on the premises!

When you Register your Wash Card, you will receive the following benefit:

  1. If you loose your wash card and have a balance on the card we can void the lost card and give you a new card with the same balance that was on your card.


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